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"I am always struggling to live more frugally, especially singe I just relocated to a different state and am still looking for a job. The advise in this book is very good and doable, provided you have self control. I am the queen of overspending and this actually made me stop and thing about my spending and how it would effect my future. This by itself helps me as a shopping addict and person that needs to continue to save for the future. I received this at a discount and am extremely happy I received it for an unbiased and honest review. I strongly recommend this book to anyone struggling with money issues."
Jeff Vino
"Very informative book..Easy steps to get started.Especially teaching children money doesn't grow on trees..Teaching them early money skills is great.."
Kevin Gumble
"Great tips for life and living it effectively and efficiently regardless of your current financial status. I would definitely recommend ."
Connor Sevant